2015 FALLEN Officer’s Family Loses 13 yr old Daughter

Family Needs

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Nov 7, 2015


On may 9, 2015 Hattiesburg Police Officer Benjamin Joseph :B.J." Deen , 34 years old, stopped a cadillac with four occupants. He immediately called for backup and Police Officer Liquori Tate 25 years old, arrived. It was unknown to the two Officers ...the suspects had just committed Robbery. As Officer Deen and Officer Tate approached they were gunned down in cold blood.. The Cruiser was stolen as they were left for dead. All 4 suspects were captured and charged, however, both Police Officer Deen and Police Officer Tate died at the Hospital...EOW:5/9/15

We Funded the Campaign for the family at the time of the tragic loss of Officer Deen.

Benjamin Deen collage correct spelling

Confirmed - Funds will be sent to Mrs. Robin Deen through her Attorney.

SUPPORT IS CRITICALLY NEEDED FOR THE DEEN FAMILY, WHO IS GOING THROUGH A GRIEVING PROCESS, FOR ANOTHER TRAGIC AND MAJOR LOSS!! Officer Benjamin Deen lived for his family.. His High School Sweetheart Robin, his 13 year old daughter Melah, and 9 year old Walker.

Last night the family became smaller yet.

Police Officer, Benjamin Deen's 13 year old daughter Melah died November 7th, 2015.

Help our FALLEN brother's family with the additional grief they must carry. Your thought and prayers, offering assistance, anything you can do, will be GREATLY appreciated.

Deen Daughter

Our sincere sympathy goes out to Robin and Walker, the whole family, the family of blue and those who knew her. The loss of a child is unbearable but with both gone to the heavens in such a short time must be heart wrenching. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you all. Fly on your new found wings Melah, and visit often. Enjoy the love of God's grace. RIP little angel.

Written by Heidi Hayes 

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