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We are building bridges with the scars of emotional trauma through courses that address Soul Wounds

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HELP Cpl. Nick Tullier Being Sent Home; He’s Now Homeless
Family Needs

Amazingly, after 16 months of fighting an uphill battle for his life every single day, doctors feel that the wounded hero can finally go home. There’s only one problem: Cpl. Tullier is homeless.

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Police.Pictures Non-Profit 501(c)3 License

Police.Pictures is an Organization that Supports and Humanizes Law Enforcement Officers. Obtaining this license will allow us to work hands on with Law Enforcement Agencies, and permit us to host fundraisers to assist the families of Fallen Officers.

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All donations will be for the support of the victims families and the family of our Law Enforcement Officer, Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Charleston Hartfield who was killed in this senseless massacre. As a resident in Las Vegas we need your help!!!

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Officer Walker Cancer Treatments ~ by Moms of L.E.O.
Personal Needs

Financial assistance is needed to pay for medical bills from a recurrence of cancer. Any amount donated will accumulate in volume or whatever the Lord has placed in your heart will contribute to saving a life.

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Moms of L.E.O. Irma Response Relief

Moms of LEO reaches out to officers' families and we honor the sacrifice that he or she has made in our communities. Your generous donations will help our First Responders and victims of Hurricane Irma.

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