Project Handbook

Share to show you care

OfficerDown.US is a brilliant way to combine your resources in a safe and secure manner. By appealing to your peers, you are more likely to get support.

First things First!

Explain your campaign in brief and why it is so important that people take part in helping reach a goal.

Use photos, videos, and words to express a personal appeal:

Who are you and why did you start this fundraiser? Donors will want to know. Unfortunately, people have reasons to be skeptical. We aim to help you help them to feel secure that their donations are going to reach the expected beneficiary.

Many of our supporters frequent the website to lend support and they may not know you.

What is the main purpose of the funds?

Where will the funds end up?

What the money’s for?

Give a breakdown as to the needs of the funds. Ex: Medical bills can be broad. With 15% after insurance above and beyond the family deductible, basic bills are expected to be around $60,000. John’s wife had to take leave from work without pay to care for him. Due to long distance travel, costs for lodging and daycare are expected to add up.

If your campaign is not based on tragedy,

Offer to update. Ex: With the funds donated LooLoo City PD was able to purchase and donate 45 warm weather coats to the youth at Saturday’s event.

With $2000 we would be able to buy a K-9 vest and a gift basket of goodies


At OfficerDown.US we believe in helping you by share your campaign with the community we have built. We have a decent following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more. However, your campaign will basically do only as well as it’s supportive followers actually support it. If they see it and are given the opportunity to donate, hopefully they will do so. In other words, YOU have to work hard to share your campaign in the appropriate circles, like using social media, flyers, email, and phone calls. We often provide a convenient link. It is also very simple to tell people the name of the host website. OfficerDown.US all one word. If you simply put OfficerDown.US in the address bar, your smart computer will find us.