Back the Blue 5K for WASTATE C.O.P.S.
Family Needs

Back the Blue 5K and WAState C.O.P.S. have partnered to host the inaugural Back the Blue 5K in Auburn, WA. 100% of Funds raised here will go to further the mission of WASTATE C.O.P.S.

  • 6% Funded
  • $300 Funded
  • Ended On October 30, 2018

Officer Down US Challenge Coin

To honor those who have fallen; To respect those facing daily challenges; To remember that after all, we're all in this together.

  • 0% Funded
  • $70 Funded

Lapel Pins

Someone said You should sell lapel pins. WE DO!!

  • 2% Funded
  • $61 Funded

Anonymous Tipster Software

Donations are 501c3 tax-deductible. The need for this software allows citizens to report felony crimes anonymously and conveniently. Our current system is outdated and many felony crimes are not able to submitted successfully.

  • 0% Funded
  • $0 Funded