Article Posting Policy

Article Posting Policy

The following is an official policy for posting articles on behalf of Officer Down US.


  • 1. All posts must be in the correct format, or they will be denied.

To follow the appropriate format, it should contain the following:

For News Posts- Start with “City, State-” with one line of space in between that and the actual written article, contain a “featured image,” an appropriate title, and sources at the bottom.

For Memorials- Start with the title of the fallen officer, name, agency, and EOW date. Title being “Title and full name.” Contain a “featured image.”

  • 2. All blog articles, to include news and memorials must be in your own words and not just copied from another source. 


  • 3. All images must have gained approval from the actual owner.


  • 4. Use several sources and verify all sources’ information before typing them into an article.



Thank you for assisting Officer Down US in writing blog articles to keep our followers up to date with the latest in police news and allowing them to honor our fallen officers. If you have any questions as to how you should write an article, please get in touch with the IT manager. The Officer Down US team will review your article within a few hours of you submitting.