Police Officer Scotty Hamilton

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Police Officer Scotty Hamilton

Pikeville Police Department, Kentucky

EOW: 03/13/18

Pikeville Officer Scotty Hamilton and Kentucky State Trooper Matt Martin were conducting a criminal patrol near Hurricane Creek Tuesday night when they encountered a suspicious vehicle, according to a statement released by the Kentucky State Police.

After speaking with those inside, the officers separated to canvas the area as well as a nearby residence. Shortly after Martin heard a series of gunshots fired in close proximity and searched for Hamilton, who was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Pikeville officer had been assisting the Kentucky State Police with an investigation in the area when he was fatally shot in the head, WVAH reported.

“They had a presence in the area due to past known incidences of drug trafficking,” Officer Jody Sims told reporters during a news conference.

The gunman managed to flee the scene, and authorities have not yet named a suspect.

Police arrested four people on unrelated charges at the scene of the shooting.

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  1. Stephen

    Prayers for his family, may he be remembered as someone who gave ALL for trying to maintain a safe environment for the rest of us to live.

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