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LVMPD Officer’s Father Dies & Family NEEDS Assistance
Family Needs

With the sudden and unfortunate passing of a loving father, we find ourselves in desperate need of financial assistance. Please help ease the tremendous financial strain of the medical bills and final ceremonies of a man who had not prepared for death.

  • 119% Funded
  • $595 Funded
  • Ended On December 11, 2015

Thin Blue Line Silicon Bracelets

$6 Donation for ONE Thin Blue Line Bracelet ~ S&H Incl. $11 for TWO $16 for THREE $26 for FIVE $30 for SIX $50 for TEN $100 for TWENTY FIVE ~ $500 for ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY ~ $1000 for THREE HUNDRED & FIFTY

  • 18% Funded
  • $3,528 Funded

Help Keep Our K9s Safe

Help us to purchase Hot & Pop System to keep our K9s safe in the upcoming summer months.

  • 1% Funded
  • $40 Funded


All donations will be for the support of the victims families and the family of our Law Enforcement Officer, Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Charleston Hartfield who was killed in this senseless massacre. As a resident in Las Vegas we need your help!!!

  • 5% Funded
  • $540 Funded
  • Ended On October 29, 2017

Bringing Sunshine to Jules
Personal Needs

Raising funds to obtain a service dog for an Officer's daughter. Julia's father is a law enforcement officer who already works as many extra details as possible to cover medical costs for Julia's younger sister who has an incurable medical condition.

  • 16% Funded
  • $1,530 Funded

Baby Payton NEEDS Spine Surgery
Family Needs

This is Baby Payton's Spine surgery fund. We are a Federal Law Enforcement family and we need help for our daughter. Thank you for your consideration.

  • 9% Funded
  • $940 Funded