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LVMPD Officer’s Father Dies & Family NEEDS Assistance
Family Needs

With the sudden and unfortunate passing of a loving father, we find ourselves in desperate need of financial assistance. Please help ease the tremendous financial strain of the medical bills and final ceremonies of a man who had not prepared for death.

  • 119% Funded
  • $595 Funded
  • Ended On December 11, 2015

Thin Blue Line Silicon Bracelets

$6 Donation for ONE Thin Blue Line Bracelet ~ S&H Incl. $11 for TWO $16 for THREE $26 for FIVE $30 for SIX $50 for TEN $100 for TWENTY FIVE ~ $500 for ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY ~ $1000 for THREE HUNDRED & FIFTY

  • 18% Funded
  • $3,528 Funded

Help Keep Our K9s Safe

Help us to purchase Hot & Pop System to keep our K9s safe in the upcoming summer months.

  • 1% Funded
  • $40 Funded