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Help the Hurley Family – 6 Yr Old Son has Passed
Family Needs

Sadly, LVMPD Motor Officer Jarrod Hurley's 6 year old son passed away on the afternoon of February 27th, 2016. Since Dean's diagnosis, the family with 3 other children has faced surmounting bills and difficult times. More bills are coming. Please help the family with a non-profit donation.

  • 106% Funded
  • $8,459 Funded
  • Ended On April 22, 2016


OfficerDown.US is hosting this fundraiser in support of the Baltimore Officers' Fraternal Order of Police "OFFICER DISTRESS FUND". OfficerDown.US is for all Law Enforcement. No one has to fight alone. No matter what.

  • 110% Funded
  • $3,845 Funded
  • Ended On June 30, 2015

Help Our Dispatcher – Stan Welshans

Dallas Dispatcher Stan was recently forced to medically retire. The bills and daily needs still exist as he awaits retirement. Let’s have Stan’s back like he’s had ours for so many years on the police radio.

  • 24% Funded
  • $1,200 Funded
  • Ended On July 6, 2019