Help Support LEO’s in need with OfficerDown.US

By jessica@OfficerDown.US

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Help Support LEO’s in need with OfficerDown.US

In an effort to draw more awareness to a wonderful organization dedicated to supporting the Law Enforcement community, today I would like to shine a spotlight on Officer Down.US. This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping anyone in the Law Enforcement community in need by providing a financial crowd funding portal for worthy causes. Since its inception in 2014, Officer Down has raised over $250,000 and helped countless members of the LEO community.

If you’re still not convinced, know that the organization is run by a Law Enforcement family with over 25 years of experience on the front line. These folks are passionate and dedicated to protecting and serving. They have shed blood, sweat and tears both on the urban battle field and through their own tragedy. That dedication to help has now been transferred to you in an outstanding medium that helps so many families, officers and communities. The power of the internet and supporters of the LEO community is huge, so read on to learn more.

How it Works

There are basically two ways you can get involved and be part of the Officer Down movement.

#1 Start a Campaign

This is the place to go if you are connected to the Law Enforcement community and have a need for some form of financial support.

Simply go to https://OfficerDown.US.

Click on the “Start a Campaign” page, complete the registration and go through the easy to use template process in order to get the ball rolling.

Once the administrators have approved your campaign, you will go live and have the support of the Officer Down’s extensive network. It’s that simple.

#2 Donate

Donating is the other way you can get involved with this amazing community.

Go to their web site and hit the link marked “Browse Campaigns”. You will have the option to select a category or you can view some of the most recent or most active campaigns. You also have the option to search for a specific campaign or criteria you may be looking for.

There are many options and worthwhile causes that need your help. Some of the most common unfortunately include fallen officers, wounded officers and people in need. There is also an option for helping departments or units raise money for specific equipment needs. Each one of these campaigns goes through a rigorous screening process so you can be assured your money is going where it is supposed to.

If you are worried at all about admin fees or how much goes to the organizers, well don’t be. The Officer Down organization is a registered non-profit organization and only takes a 5% fee for administration. This is an extremely low number and for someone who knows the expenses of starting and maintaining an online presence, this would be barely enough to cover their costs. So don’t be afraid to donate and if you do you will even get a tax receipt for your efforts. Heck in some cases you may even get a thank you gift, but regardless, rest assured that the money you donate will be going to help a Law Enforcement member, their family or someone connected to the LEO community.

#3 Promote

OK, so I said there are two, but there are really three ways you can get involved with OfficerDown.US. Perhaps you do not have a campaign you need started (that’s a good thing) and maybe you do not have money to donate (although you do not need much, as every little bit helps in crowd funding), but you want to help. Well guess what, you still can. Get active on social media and help spread the word about Officer and their worthwhile causes. Seriously, all it takes is a like on Facebook or a follow on twitter and you will begin to get their updates and feeds. Then share everything you can and before you know it you may have just sent the message to someone who is in a better position to donate or have found someone that needs to start a campaign.

Here are direct links to the Officer Down social media presence. 

Facebook Page

Twitter Page



Now please do not just take my word for it. Check out their testimonials to see what others have to say about


Let’s be real for a moment. There are a lot of places out there that need your support. In fact you are probably approached by charities in some form or another almost every day. I’m sure that most of these are legit and in serious need of your assistance. We also know all too well about the state of the economy and the limited disposable income when living on a Warriors salary. However, if you were looking for a truly worthy cause to support, this would be one of them. Law Enforcement is going through a really tough time at the moment and those in the community will find it that much harder to get the help they need. Please take the time out of your day to go to and have a look around. Find yourself a campaign and donate as much or as little as you can. No amount is too small and you will be helping out a fellow Warrior.