Finally, a gofundme-like site just for Law Enforcement!

By jessica@OfficerDown.US

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A retired law enforcement family who is dedicated to helping the entire blue family runs OfficerDown.US to assist with all police related financial needs.

This national 501c3 nonprofit organization hosts a crowdfunding website for your use. https://OfficerDown.US is designed to bring together law enforcement and the community of supporters to a place where we can all help each other. Your fundraisers include, but are not limited to, FOPs, Explorers, Honor Guard, benefits, memorials, family illness, injured or fallen, whether in the line of duty or not, community events, medical assistance, K-9, equestrian, and more. Basically, if it’ll benefit law enforcement, their families, or their departments, then they will host the campaign. Everyone receives an instant receipt with the IRS tax ID number for potential write-offs.

Donors are comforted in the fact that this organization takes measures to verify campaigns prior to publishing them and those who need to raise funds take solace in the fact that the organization does all they can to share to their law enforcement following on social media.

What’s more is that they are totally transparent as all nonprofits should be. Fees are quite minimal and less than the competitive fundraising websites and they provide so much more. Having raised and distributed over $300,000 and having hosted over 100 campaigns, our hats are off to their Executive Director, Jessica Langgin for the work she does. It is not a simple task to start a successful nonprofit and it certainly is supportive to help the Blue Lives Community. Thank you.

Start your own fundraiser today and let your departments and your families know that this organization exists for your needs. Use them. Tell others. Follow and enjoy their social media. Word of mouth is our best ally.

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