A father of 2, Dan has been serving his country between military service and law enforcement for over 20 years. Dan served in the US Air Force for 10 years in seven countries. During that time, he created numerous organizations designed to increase the moral and wellbeing of the troops he served with. Dan joined the local American Legion in Watertown, New York and became a member of their Honor Guard, participating on numerous funeral details. He volunteered his personal time to spend with a local Korean orphanage teaching the children English and participating in play days with them. In Germany, Dan volunteered his time as a peewee baseball coach. While deployed in Iraq, Dan organized soccer games between local children and members of the US military.

Dan joined the US Border Patrol in 2010, patrolling the southern border in Texas. During that time Dan revived a faltering Moral, Welfare and Recreation organization for law enforcement and hosted summer picnics and festivals lifting morale and creating esprit de corps of the local law enforcement agencies. Dan transferred to US Border Patrol, Tucson Station, Arizona in 2012 and was elected president of the Tucson MWR shortly after. Dan energized the organization and with various events and marketing was able to triple the income of the organization. This allowed the organization to award scholarships and donate funds to worthwhile causes. Dan transferred yet again to Bottineau, North Dakota and was appointed by the Patrol Agent in Charge to create the Grand Forks Sector MWR. Within three months and limited resources, Dan has raised enough funds to start a Scholarship program, retirement funds and bereavement/birth funds.