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Police Officer Gregory Casillas

Police Officer Gregory Casillas

Pomona Police Department, California

EOW: 03/09/2018


On Friday, March 9, 2018, Police Officer Casillas was shot and killed as he attempted to arrest a man in the 1400 block of South Palomares Street following a vehicle pursuit.


After officers attempted to stop it for reckless driving. The driver crashed into another vehicle right before fleeing on foot and entering and apartment. As two officers attempted to make contact with the man he fired at them striking both officers.

Both officers were transported to a local hospital and Officer Casillas later succumbed to injuries. The suspect remained barricaded inside the home.

Police Officer Gregory Casillas had served with the department for only six months.

Pomona Police Officer Killed, Second Shot

[Image Courtesy Of: Pomona PD]

Pomona, California-

One Pomona Police Officer has been killed and another wounded after they were shot Friday night (March 9, 2018).

This incident started as a barricaded subject call at around 9:00 p.m. in an apartment located in the 1400 block of Palomares Street, according to police.

After police responded to the incident, one officer was fatally shot in the head and a second was wounded by the same gunfire. The wounded officer was reportedly listed in “stable condition.” 

The suspect has not been taken into custody and the standoff is ongoing at this time.


This story is developing and Officer Down US is monitoring the situation. Please check back for updates.

Police Officer Christopher Ryan Morton

Police Officer

Christopher Ryan Morton



Officers were sent to a home at approximately 9:30 p.m. on March 6th, 2018 in reference to a 911 hangup call. 

Police responded to the home, which is located in the 300 block of West Grandriver Street, and went inside. Once inside, the suspect immediately began firing shots with a semi-automatic rifle hitting three different officers.

Officer Christopher Ryan Morton, 30, remained in a back bedroom until he was rescued by other officers. He was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

During the shooting two other officers were injured. Both suffered “minor injuries” according to a spokesperson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Officer Morton had served as both a reserve officer and full-time officer with the Clinton Police Department for three years. The department says that Officer Morton had recently returned to full-time status following the line of duty death of Officer Gary Michael on August 6th, 2017. Officer Morton was a veteran of the Army National Guard.


OfficerDown US Is Meeting Needs of LEOs

OfficerDown US Is Meeting Needs of LEOs

Jessica Langgin began raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society “Light the Night Walk” as a survivor. She was diagnosed in 2001 while 6 ½ months pregnant with her second daughter. Her husband of nearly 20 years is a retired Las Vegas Metropolitan police sergeant with 24 years of service.

A law enforcement based organization called FUN (Family Unity Network), which was a group with the LVMPD, responded. A large network of friends, and people she had never met before came together and formed meal trains, babysitting schedules, laundry, cleaning, yard work and fundraisers for her family.

Jessica spent two years fighting for her life. She had advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage 3B, while pregnant. Over the years she trudges while giving back through OfficerDown.US.

On June 8, 2014, two Las Vegas law enforcement officers were ambushed and brutally murdered while eating lunch at Cici’s Pizza Restaurant. You can imagine the horror from within the department and of every family member as well. The community bonded and did whatever they could. Jessica contributed through fundraising for the financial support to make life easier for the wives of Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo as well as the good citizen Joseph Cox who lost his life as well.

While fundraisers were everywhere, so were people who wanted to donate. Some were at work while others were busy watching children at home. There were others on tight schedules, while some were sick in bed. Moreover, some were across the country, yet others were traveling businesspeople. Some didn’t have time, nor were they able to go to make a deposit at a bank.

One of those people, a pioneer in Crowdfunding, recognized that in the day and age of modern technology and the Internet, there really needed to be an easier way. As a result a gap was recognized; a hole needed to be filled. More importantly, one that was dedicated to law enforcement and didn’t require a large overhead.

With the passion Jessica possessed, along with her disposable time she became the executive director of OfficerDown.US. It’s been live online with campaigns since July 2014.

OfficerDown.US is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Therefore, every donation through the website receives a receipt with a tax ID number. All campaigns are related to peace officers; LEOs, LEOWs, family, children, parents, K9s, departments, and efforts on behalf of LEOs for the community, etc.

Many of the campaigns have been for the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Yet they also reach out to those experiencing off duty deaths, injury or illness, officers or law enforcement employees, and their family members. Sad!

Furthermore, they’ve raised funds for K9 vests and community events. Really, they are limited to charitable fundraising, which extends far and wide. OfficerDown.US exists to help with anything LEO related, whether it’s an officer, a family member, coworker, or their department. “WE’LL ALWAYS HELP AN OFFICER. On duty or off duty. There can’t ever be too much help.” People want to help. OfficerDown.US provides a simple way to do so.

Mission Statement: 

Bringing together all who support our Law Enforcement Community while creating a friendly atmosphere to support each other in times of need using 501(c)(3) nonprofit fundraisers created on OfficerDown.US.

OfficerDown.US organization is focused on Community through Unity. We believe that by creating a focus group, which we are familiar with, benefiting law enforcement and the community, we are helping to close a gap. We host fundraisers created by others, at an extremely minimal 5% admin fee, that benefit the law enforcement community therefore maintaining our 501(c)(3) status. By the community and law enforcement having a platform where they can benefit each other through positive reinforcement and our organization sharing the fundraisers publicly on our social media platforms, we are attempting successfully to be the change we would like to see in others.

Their links:

?Eyvaine Walker-Lindsey is founder and president of Moms of LEO. She is a Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) auxiliary member DC Lodge #1, a dedicated and proud volunteer for the officers from around the world that converge in Washington, DC to participate in several planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

The National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, which is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, is one in a series of events which includes the Candlelight Vigil, which is sponsored by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and seminars sponsored by Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).

Her husband, Ronald Lindsey, is a retired federal officer with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, chaplain, and long-time FOP Member DC Lodge #1 as well as a volunteer to drive officers to and from the Memorial event areas. He serves as a Moms of LEO board member and advocate for law enforcement.

Her daughter, a law enforcement detective who is a breast cancer survivor, was the inspiration to start an independent support group to help other law enforcement officers and their families that are experiencing life’s challenges. It’s very tough having family in law enforcement about the fear and danger of the unknown. There are times you hear about a law enforcement officer’s life being cut short due to shooting or car chase accidents involving an officer and you never know if it’s your loved one or not. These are just the many issues of dealing with a family in law enforcement. The support group welcomes federal, state and local agencies and their families.

Finally, a gofundme-like site just for Law Enforcement!

Located at:

A retired law enforcement family who is dedicated to helping the entire blue family runs OfficerDown.US to assist with all police related financial needs.

This national 501c3 nonprofit organization hosts a crowdfunding website for your use. https://OfficerDown.US is designed to bring together law enforcement and the community of supporters to a place where we can all help each other. Your fundraisers include, but are not limited to, FOPs, Explorers, Honor Guard, benefits, memorials, family illness, injured or fallen, whether in the line of duty or not, community events, medical assistance, K-9, equestrian, and more. Basically, if it’ll benefit law enforcement, their families, or their departments, then they will host the campaign. Everyone receives an instant receipt with the IRS tax ID number for potential write-offs.

Donors are comforted in the fact that this organization takes measures to verify campaigns prior to publishing them and those who need to raise funds take solace in the fact that the organization does all they can to share to their law enforcement following on social media.

What’s more is that they are totally transparent as all nonprofits should be. Fees are quite minimal and less than the competitive fundraising websites and they provide so much more. Having raised and distributed over $300,000 and having hosted over 100 campaigns, our hats are off to their Executive Director, Jessica Langgin for the work she does. It is not a simple task to start a successful nonprofit and it certainly is supportive to help the Blue Lives Community. Thank you.

Start your own fundraiser today and let your departments and your families know that this organization exists for your needs. Use them. Tell others. Follow and enjoy their social media. Word of mouth is our best ally.

For reference purposes:

501c3 Organization Helping Law Enforcement Officers Needs a Helping Hand

501c3 Organization Helping Law Enforcement Officers Needs a Helping Hand

So what do we do? We have this service for Law Enforcement personnel & their families to utilize but we’re not reaching them before tragedy strikes. We count on you, the Thin Blue Line supportive community, to let your fellows know that we exist for them. OfficerDown.US is very similar to ‘gofundme’, however it is police officer and law enforcement dedicated only as well as a 501c3 nonprofit, which is also passed on to the fundraisers created on the site. Additionally, as a courtesy, all fundraising projects are shared to our law enforcement supportive social media following including FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.


Without YOU sharing this knowledge and letting people know, this huge available service goes unused and donors and recipients of funds are paying exorbitant amounts of unnecessary taxes when they don’t need to. Let us help Police Officers and Law Enforcement Personnel alike across our nation during their times of need.

Retired Sgt. John Sheahan gives a shout out to OD.US

Longtime FOX5 friend John Sheahan, whose wife suffered a traumatic brain injury, provides an update concerning her condition. 

First Annual Officers Down 5k Benefitting OfficerDown.US

News 13, not entirely accurate news story – HERE

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – The first Officers Down 5K was held at Sunset Park Sunday.

The event honored all officers who put their lives on the line to protect local communities. Before the race, there was a police procession, followed by a community day.

Proceeds from Sunday’s event go toward organizations supporting those who have fallen in the line of duty.

Help Support LEO’s in need with OfficerDown.US

Help Support LEO’s in need with OfficerDown.US

In an effort to draw more awareness to a wonderful organization dedicated to supporting the Law Enforcement community, today I would like to shine a spotlight on Officer Down.US. This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping anyone in the Law Enforcement community in need by providing a financial crowd funding portal for worthy causes. Since its inception in 2014, Officer Down has raised over $250,000 and helped countless members of the LEO community.

If you’re still not convinced, know that the organization is run by a Law Enforcement family with over 25 years of experience on the front line. These folks are passionate and dedicated to protecting and serving. They have shed blood, sweat and tears both on the urban battle field and through their own tragedy. That dedication to help has now been transferred to you in an outstanding medium that helps so many families, officers and communities. The power of the internet and supporters of the LEO community is huge, so read on to learn more.

How it Works

There are basically two ways you can get involved and be part of the Officer Down movement.

#1 Start a Campaign

This is the place to go if you are connected to the Law Enforcement community and have a need for some form of financial support.

Simply go to https://OfficerDown.US.

Click on the “Start a Campaign” page, complete the registration and go through the easy to use template process in order to get the ball rolling.

Once the administrators have approved your campaign, you will go live and have the support of the Officer Down’s extensive network. It’s that simple.

#2 Donate

Donating is the other way you can get involved with this amazing community.

Go to their web site and hit the link marked “Browse Campaigns”. You will have the option to select a category or you can view some of the most recent or most active campaigns. You also have the option to search for a specific campaign or criteria you may be looking for.

There are many options and worthwhile causes that need your help. Some of the most common unfortunately include fallen officers, wounded officers and people in need. There is also an option for helping departments or units raise money for specific equipment needs. Each one of these campaigns goes through a rigorous screening process so you can be assured your money is going where it is supposed to.

If you are worried at all about admin fees or how much goes to the organizers, well don’t be. The Officer Down organization is a registered non-profit organization and only takes a 5% fee for administration. This is an extremely low number and for someone who knows the expenses of starting and maintaining an online presence, this would be barely enough to cover their costs. So don’t be afraid to donate and if you do you will even get a tax receipt for your efforts. Heck in some cases you may even get a thank you gift, but regardless, rest assured that the money you donate will be going to help a Law Enforcement member, their family or someone connected to the LEO community.

#3 Promote

OK, so I said there are two, but there are really three ways you can get involved with OfficerDown.US. Perhaps you do not have a campaign you need started (that’s a good thing) and maybe you do not have money to donate (although you do not need much, as every little bit helps in crowd funding), but you want to help. Well guess what, you still can. Get active on social media and help spread the word about Officer and their worthwhile causes. Seriously, all it takes is a like on Facebook or a follow on twitter and you will begin to get their updates and feeds. Then share everything you can and before you know it you may have just sent the message to someone who is in a better position to donate or have found someone that needs to start a campaign.

Here are direct links to the Officer Down social media presence. 

Facebook Page

Twitter Page



Now please do not just take my word for it. Check out their testimonials to see what others have to say about


Let’s be real for a moment. There are a lot of places out there that need your support. In fact you are probably approached by charities in some form or another almost every day. I’m sure that most of these are legit and in serious need of your assistance. We also know all too well about the state of the economy and the limited disposable income when living on a Warriors salary. However, if you were looking for a truly worthy cause to support, this would be one of them. Law Enforcement is going through a really tough time at the moment and those in the community will find it that much harder to get the help they need. Please take the time out of your day to go to and have a look around. Find yourself a campaign and donate as much or as little as you can. No amount is too small and you will be helping out a fellow Warrior.

Community backs baby who needs heart transplant

By Wesley Juhl Las

Vegas Review-Journal

Last week one of Melissa Lim’s former students stopped by her class after school and handed her $12.

“This is for your baby,” he told the Harney Middle School teacher.

Lim’s 5-month-old daughter, Ellie, is 36th on the regional pediatric waiting list for a heart transplant at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. Ellie was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy of the left ventricle during a routine checkup on Aug. 6. The disease affects the way her heart pumps blood and is life-threatening.

On Friday, the Las Vegas High School football program held a fundraiser for Ellie during a game against Green Valley High School. Donation buckets were passed around before halftime. Harney Middle School teachers and students from the National Junior Honor Society wandered up and down the bleachers selling green roses and wristbands. The color green is meant to represent organ transplant patients.

“I can only imagine what it’s like for Miss Lim to have a baby need a heart transplant,” Gabrielle Marbaugh, 12, said. “I want to help save someone’s life.”

Green Valley High School’s football program brought a check for $500, which brought the total raised at the game to $1,665. The money was presented to OfficerDown.US, a crowdfunding platform for the law enforcement community, during halftime. Lim’s husband, Lee Lim, is a Metro officer.

Cody Pritchett teaches with Melissa Lim at Harney, near Charleston and Hollywood boulevards, and also is head coach of Las Vegas High School’s junior varsity football team. He organized fundraisers at both schools to help the Lim family with costs associated with the transplant, estimated at more than $250,000.

Pritchett said the staff at Harney is especially close-knit.

“We buy into the fact that we’re a family,” he said. “We have a good community there.”

Harney and Las Vegas High School will be selling roses and snow-cones and conducting fundraisers at dances and football games, Pritchett said. He and Lim’s other colleagues raised than $3,300 in one minute during an assembly on Thursday. Two students donated $100 bills.

Pritchett said he is friends with Lim, but as a father himself, her situation really hit home.

“You can ask any of my kids. I’m probably the toughest guy out here, and I cried like a little girl when I heard what was happening,” he said.

And it’s not just the schools pitching in. Ellie’s father is getting support from fellow cops from multiple agencies.

“It’s a family, and I am so proud to be part of this family of blue,” Melissa Lim said.

The OfficerDown.US campaign to help baby Ellie has raised more than $16,000, but the family has a long way to go even after Ellie gets a new heart.

After the transplant, Ellie will be on a six-year plan. She’ll have to stay in the hospital for at least three weeks for biopsies and lab work to make sure the transplant sticks. She’ll have to be taken to Los Angeles monthly for tests.

Ellie will also need extensive therapy because she is missing important developmental milestones while hospitalized. She can’t even lift her head while on the ventilator, Lim said, let alone push up, turn over or crawl. She will have to relearn how to eat.

Because her immune system will be suppressed by her time in the hospital and the transplant, the Lims will have to redo much of their home. The Lims will have to change clothes in the garage and shower before touching Ellie, who will have to sleep in the same room as her parents for a long time to come so she can be monitored.

“I don’t think either of us would want her out of our sight. I probably will never sleep again,” Lim said with a smile, adding that they are lucky Ellie is alive.

Pritchett said the Las Vegas High School football program will take more donations at next week’s annual “Bone Game” against Rancho High School.

“They do more for our community than most couples,” Pritchett said of the Lims. “No matter what we raise, it’s not going to stop for them.”

Anyone who wants to help the Lims can contribute online at

Contact Wesley Juhl at and 702-383-0391. Find him on Twitter: @WesJuhl.

A Deed of Legacy Born from Tragedy by Randy Sutton

A Deed of Legacy by Randy Sutton

A Deed of Legacy Nov 11, 2014


“You cannot choose your destiny but you can create your legacy”. Often -times legacy is born from tragedy, as intense emotions seem to be fertile ground for growing ideas that blossom into a pathway to help others. The savage murders of Las Vegas Police Officers Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck who were targeted and gunned down while having lunch, stunned and outraged the community at large but much more so, the officers of the Metro Police and their families. The “there but for the Grace of God go I” understanding that each day a cop puts on his or her uniform may be their last, ripped through the hearts and minds of wives, husbands and children of those who serve. The viciousness of the attack and the ripple effect that is still being felt, months after the murders is very much a reality to those touched by the senseless loss of two good men.

Jessica Langgin is the 16 year wife of Las Vegas Police Sergeant Mel Langgin, a 24 year veteran of the department . If you were to assign a title to Jessica as to her occupation, it would probably be “housewife” or whatever politically correct term for a “stay at home Mother” is prevalent today to describe a woman who is working with her husband to raise two teen-aged children. So she was particularly sensitive to the plight of the families of the slain officers who both left young children behind. The Las Vegas Community rallied behind the Officers and various fundraisers were established to help the families and organizations from throughout the city encouraged their members to help. The outpouring of support was amazing and is a true demonstration of how caring people truly are when moved by tragedy. Jessica and other spouses rallied around the families of the slain officers and while doing so, Jessica was transported back to a time when the support of family and friends touched her life in a dramatic way. Jessica had one small child and was pregnant with their second when she received the devastating medical diagnosis of Cancer. Her world turned upside down and life was altered forever. While she was undergoing the painful and emotionally as well as physically draining treatments, it was a loosely organized group of wives of those her husband worked with who rushed in to help. Preparing meals, transporting the kids, and just being there for her in those terribly frightening and lonely moments meant the world to her. When she recovered, she became a volunteer for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and tirelessly raised funds for the organization and other cancer related charities, being recognized several years in a row as the top fundraiser.

The aftermath of the killing of the officers and her own experience with being the recipient of the support of others germinated the seed of an idea that had been lying dormant for several years… the idea to give everyone the ability to help someone in need, whether they could afford donate five dollars or five thousand. With the financial and technical assistance of a local businessman who wanted to help but receive no public credit for doing so, OFFICERDOWN.US was born.

“People are amazing”, Jessica told me with her husband looking proudly on. “People WANT to help others. They just need an outlet that makes it as easy as possible to do it. So many people reached out to our WIVES Facebook group saying that they wanted to donate directly to the families.” Crowd funding is still in its infancy and is generally used to fund projects involving the arts or start-up businesses. OFFICERDOWN.US basically allows the everyday person to reach out to the world and ask support for a law enforcement officer or law enforcement cause that is in need. It may be for an officer who was burned or even a police service dog that needs a ballistic vest to protect him. It is an outlet for those who care, to share the plight of others, in order to give a helping hand. Jessica told me, “Anyone in Law Enforcement or associated with Law Enforcement Officers in need, anywhere in the United States, are welcome to create a page and ask for help. We try to make it as easy as possible to both create a campaign and to GIVE to it.” All donations are tax deductable as OFFICERDOWN.US is an approved not for profit charity.

Perhaps it is best summed up by Police Officer Ann McSwain who while investigating a deranged man who had set himself on fire, attacked her, setting her on fire as well. She received serious injuries from her burns and was one of the first persons to be helped by OFFICERDOWN.US. She said,

“ During all of the negative news that surrounds law enforcement nowadays, even from our President, it was incredible so many reached out to me. These wonderful people don’t know me personally; rather, they were reaching out to a law enforcement Officer and it was awesome to know so many still trust, need and believe in “us” and what we do. Given the exact same circumstances, I would do it again, even knowing what the outcome for me would be. There were many people that fateful day who were going about their lives and they had no idea what was in the suspect’s mind nor what his intentions were that day. The suspect’s hate-filled act that day has produced so much love and support and that’s the story I want out there: out of a hateful act, tremendous love and support has happened, and it continues to this day. I have always believed in working hard and doing the right thing and that good things will come from it. I am thankful I was there that day. I have a long road of recovery ahead, but it was worth it. Thank you to all who contributed. I will NEVER forget it and I will live each day hoping I can make a difference and be worthy of all of the love and support.

How do I thank you and all of the wonderful people for helping me when I needed it most? I don’t know, but I promise I will spend the rest of my life trying to live up to it, and I will also dedicate my life to helping others in need.”

There are many ways to become a “hero”. The simplest act of reaching out to another human being and showing kindness and compassion may have far reaching effects on the life of that person. It may also have the same effect on the person who has touched that man, woman or child for that is in and of itself….Legacy. Jessica Langgin is a woman touched by tragedy who has learned that in giving to others, her own life becomes more fulfilling through The Power of Legacy.

At The Impact – OfficerDown.US in At the Ready Magazine

At the Ready Magazine – OfficerDown.US


At the Ready had the recent privilege of learning about an amazing organization OfficerDown.US, and its passionate Executive Director, Jessica Langgin. Officer Down.US began in 2014, and, “provides a portal/website (similar to other online fundraising sites) where we host National fundraising campaigns for anyone in Law Enforcement, their families, coworkers, departments, or the community as related to law enforcement. Basically, if it can benefit Law Enforcement, we can host it.

We need people to come to us rather than other sites to keep it in the community.” The OfficerDown.US mission is simple. The organization provides national reach, exposure, and access to fundraisers that benefit LEOs. Jessica discovered the need for this type of non-profit partnership after tragedy. “Our site began after our tragedy in Las Vegas, June 8, 2014. A friend and local entrepreneur wanted to make a donation and found it difficult with the only access being at a local bank, bringing an account number taken from the news or at best, being directed to a Paypal account. There were people all over who wanted to help and couldn’t! National support for our Community was immense. Many would have liked to have been hands on but not everyone is able to participate in public volunteer work. Some people feel that donating a small amount is not worth going to a bank. We offer opportunity and the ability for everyone to donate, from anywhere and everywhere, at any time. We offer a centralized location for Law Enforcement Supporters to go to to help each other.”

In addition to local organizations or bank accounts, OfficerDown.US provides a simple and national non-profit way to donate from anywhere, at any time, without having to be seen. Donations support the entire community and OfficerDown.US does not intend to interfere with local, in-place organizations; the goal is to enhance the local efforts, reach more people and at times, be more accessible. OfficerDown.US is a registered national nonprofit with a passion and a mission to provide a place where people can reach out to help those who have spent their lives helping others. Besides publishing the campaign, OfficerDown.US uses social media, including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote the effort.

Jessica is the wife of a recently retired 24 year veteran at Las Vegas Metro PD Sergeant in NV; Also co-admin of the ‘Supporting Friends of the LVMPO Wives’ page. “We are LVMPD LEO family for nearly 25 years. “To protect and serve” isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life Those who dedicate their lives to live by the code are our family. It’s up to us to come together as a “crowd” to support the officers, the families and the departments who sacrifice so much to help others and preserve our community every day, every night.

After all, we’re all in this together.” OfficerDown.US is growing, and the news of their national outreach is catching on. “We receive many requests to start the fundraisers, however, in due time, we expect to only have to review them. We’d like to help. We publish (the campaign) on our site, and share the information on our Facebook page with 23K followers, Tweet, and Instagram. It would be of great help, if those who want to create campaigns contact us, so we can share the campaign information with the same enthusiasm. At a time like this and with the current climate of our nation, the supporters like to show their support through donations.” If you visit the OfficerDown.US website, you can see the varied support. OfficerDown.US is also found within the national website legitimizing nonprofits, and many others. A general search on the Internet of “OfficerDown.US” reveals a plethora of information.

The organization doesn’t charge for its services, however, the site “retains a minimal 5% which is very necessary and hasn’t nearly covered our costs yet.” As with other online fundraising sites, the credit card company charges 3% plus .30 for every transaction. Importantly, all donors making donations through OfficerDown.US receive an instant receipt with our IRS tax ID making their donation a write-off.

For more information, or to discuss a campaign, please contact the website, OfficerDown.US Facebook :

Twitter: @OfficerDown1199