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If the crowdfunding campaign is utilizing the benefits of a tax-exempt organization, the tax laws are addressed in Code sections 501 through 515 and Code section 170. In general, donations received by a tax-exempt organization are not subject to income tax and contributors may be able to claim a tax deduction. An important note, however, is if the entity (or person) establishing the crowdfunding campaign is not using the lending model or the equity model and is not a tax-exempt organization, then all funds received may be income subject to taxation. However, particularly in the case of GoFundMe, with funds going to individuals the question is raised as to whether this is a donation, a gift or taxable income to the recipient.

Online fundraising websites such as GoFundMe are usually not recognized as qualified charitable organizations. Thus, a donation to a GoFundMe account for the benefit of someone in need is not deductible as a charitable.



Spotsylvania Deputy Kelley and DUX; police dog to have statue in national police museum

It’s been a year
and half since K-9 police dog Dux was shot by two bullets
while apprehending a suspect in Spotsylvania County; suffering a large
wound in his back and another in his neck Oct. 2, 2016.  Although
wounded, with bullet fragments lodged within a centimeter of his
spine, he still went on... During a traffic stop; the suspect Joseph
Elliott Conway of King George, became violent, resisted arrest,
punched the deputy and ran off. Officer Kelley and another deputy
pursued the man and Dux was let go to chase down the suspect, but was
shot when the dog got about 10 feet of the suspect.  The brave German
shepherd survived the encounter and went back to duty, teaming back up
with his handler, Deputy Kory Kelley.
Both Deputy Kelley and Dux are to be honored for their brave service
and actions as the pair was chosen, from among many other brave
candidates, to have a statue created of them and  displayed in the
National Law Enforcement Museum, which is under construction in
Washington, D.C.;  where the statues will be on display when the
museum opens in the fall. 

Conway was arrested and convicted of 11 charges, and is to serve 45
1/2 years in prison; where he belongs!

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OfficerDown.US organization is focused on Community through Unity. We believe that by creating a focus group which we are familiar with, benefiting law enforcement and the community, we are helping to close a gap. We host fundraisers created by others, at an extremely minimal 5% admin fee, that benefit the law enforcement community therefore maintaining our 501(c)(3) status. By the community and law enforcement having a platform where they can benefit each other through positive reinforcement and our organization sharing the fundraisers publicly on our social media platforms, we are attempting successfully to be the change we would like to see in others.

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Corporal Dale Hallman

Corporal Dale Hallman

Saluda County Sheriff’s Office

E.O.W. 04/06/2018

Corporal Dale Hallman was killed in a single-vehicle crash while he responded to assist other police units in a search for an armed man. Corporal Hallman, a K-9 handler, was expediting to the scene of the search, when his vehicle left the roadway and crashed.

Hopkinsville, KY Police Officer Phillip Meacham

Police Officer Phillip Meacham

Hopkinsville (KY) Police Department

E.O.W.: 03/29/2018

Officer Phillip Meacham of the Hopkinsville Police Department was shot and killed by a man impersonating a police officer. The man had attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Officer Meacham, who was off-duty, driving his personal car. 

Two Brothers Killed in Crash were Longtime Chesterfield Sheriff’s Deputies Together

Two brothers employed for decades as Chesterfield County sheriff’s deputies were very close and spent a lot of time together, just as they were doing on Monday when they were killed in a crash in Isle of Wight County, the Chesterfield sheriff said Tuesday.

“I’m not quite sure what they were doing, but my guess is that they were trying to do something together, because that’s how they were,” said Sheriff Karl Leonard.

“I don’t know if they were going to go fishing or do something fun, but they did everything together,” Leonard added. “They don’t have any brothers or sisters; it’s just the two of them and they’re very close.”

John Edgar Mallory, 60, and Earl Garnett Mallory III, 65, had worked for the sheriff’s office “for decades,” the sheriff said.

A funeral service will be held Friday at 10 a.m. at Southside Church of the Nazarene, at 6851 Courthouse Road in Chesterfield, the sheriff’s office announced Tuesday.

Both men were married, and John’s son is also employed as a Chesterfield sheriff’s deputy.

Garnett Mallory had worked a partial day Monday but took a half-day off to do something with his brother, Leonard said. John Mallory, who was known by his colleagues as “Hollywood,” had recently retired but filled out paperwork last week to return as a part-time deputy.

“He worked as a jail deputy and that’s what he did all of his career, and he loved it,” Leonard said. “He wanted to come back in a part-time capacity, and we were looking forward to having him back. He was very well-liked by everybody.

“As we do in a lot of cases, deputies will come back after retirement and work part time, so they can stay in the family.”


May you always remember Deputy Bruce Ennis ~ Stephen Ward

May you always remember Deputy Bruce Ennis,

for all the good he tried to do,

for all the help he was to others,

as I’m sure he was there for you.


My friends in Blue try to do what’s right,

they wear their uniforms with pride,

but remember they are still just men,

with their beating heart inside.


Let’s honor and remember them,

and show support for them each day,

because these officers who risk it all,

may be your saving grace someday.


If you call out for these folks in Blue,

they’ll come to help you through,

never knowing what the risks may be,

as they come to rescue you.


So when one falls the lawful feel the pain,

for a brother in arms has gone,

we pay tribute to his memory,

as we place flowers on the lawn.


~Stephen Ward~

~Stephen Ward~

        Roanoke, VA


Connecticut Trooper First Class Kevin Miller, of Troop C

Trooper First Class Kevin Miller

Connecticut State Police

E.O.W. 03/29/2018

Trooper First Class Kevin Miller, of Troop C, was killed in the crash. He was on duty at the time.

Connecticut State Police announce the passing of Trooper First Class (TFC) Kevin Miller #1015 as a result of injuries sustained during an on-duty motor vehicle accident that occurred this afternoon on I-84 East in the Town of Tolland.

TFC Miller was currently assigned to Troop C in Tolland, having previously served at Troop K in Colchester and Troop E in Montville.

TFC Miller was a member of the 108th Training Troop, graduating from the Connecticut State Police Academy on March 19, 1999. We are grateful for his dedicated service to the Connecticut State Police and the residents of Connecticut, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Special Agent Melissa Morrow

Special Agent Melissa Morrow

U.S. Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation

E.O.W. : March 22, 2018

For 10 weeks after 9/11, FBI Special Agent Melissa S. Morrow spent many hours sifting through the toxic terrorist crash site at the Pentagon. Fifteen years later, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and March 22, 2018, she succumbed to her illness, stemming from her assignment to aid in the search and recovery efforts at the Pentagon following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Police Officer Andres Laza-Caraballo

Police Officer Andres Laza-Caraballo

Juncos Municipal (PR) Police Department

EOW: March 21, 2018

Police Officer Andres Laza-Caraballo was shot and killed while intervening in a shooting incident while off duty.

He was patronizing a barber shop on Calle Emilia Príncipe when several men started smoking marijuana in front of it. When the shop owner asked the men to leave he was attacked. Officer Laza-Caraballo identified himself as an officer and attempted to intervene when several of the subjects entered with rifles and opened fire.

Officer Laza-Caraballo was able to return fire, killing one of the men and wounding a second one before being fatally shot. The remaining two subjects fled the scene and remain at large. Three of the men, including the two who Officer Laza-Caraballo shot, were brothers.

Officer Laza-Caraballo had served with the Juncos Municipal Police Department for 10 years. He is survived by his two children.

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