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Hot Dog! K-9 Officer Gets Her Vest

Deputy Maggie, a bloodhound, is a crucial member of the Mercer County, WV, Sheriff’s Department and often finds herself in dangerous situations while sniffing out crime in the district.  Her handler, Deputy Furches, mentioned to Maggie’s groomer, Gail Smith over at Pet Zone (you know, that pet grooming shop in Princeton on South 2nd behind the Railroad Museum) that he was worried about his beloved K-9 companion every time she saw action because the department couldn’t afford a protective vest for her and their other pair of four-legged officers.

Gail immediately decided that these fuzzy friends of the community didn’t get the respect they deserve and began a fundraiser in order to get Maggie “vested up”.  Subsequently, the folks at OfficerDown.us (that’s us) saw a report about the situation on WVNS-TV’s website and decided to help out by creating a fundraising campaign on their online crowdfunding portal.

Within a few weeks the OfficerDown campaign had raised more than enough money to fund Maggie’s vest and, as Deputy Furches reported, “Our goal was to raise enough money to purchase Maggie her vest however people’s generosity has possibly surpassed the goal and we may now have enough to purchase vests for all 3 of our K-9’s!”

So the campaign has been marked “funded”, deemed an overwhelming success, and the check from OfficerDown.us has been sent to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department.  Soon Maggie and her K-9 co-workers will be vested up and taking a bite out of Mercer County crime much more safely thanks to the power of crowdfunding.


Rockin’ & Rollin’!

OfficerDown.us is just getting started and we’ve already got five campaigns up and receiving donations!    Thanks to everyone for the help.  Now let’s keep it going–tell your friends about us!  Campaign funding for police officers work!