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Sgt. Robert Bauer, MA JD is a retired cop that served the American people for over 4 decades in the uniform of his country and communities. As a law enforcement officer he saw your bad days, in fact, your bad days were his every day. Being diagnosed with PTSD in 1994 he understands the isolation and the feeling of betrayal, and rejection. He understands the feeling of fighting a battle he was not trained for. But he also knows the freedom from the torments of the demons that would return night after night. Upon his retirement, he started Warriors Heart USA, a Christ-centered organization that acts as a compass for those that are trying to navigate through the traumatic minefields of life towards a more meaningful life that offers compassion, radical hope, and forgiveness. Be part of this new mission for Bob as he reenters the battlefields to find the hurting and wounded to triage their spiritual wounds and provide them the good news of hope. Thank you for your support.