NLPOA Member WELCOME – Let’s Get Started

Dear NLPOA Member:

Thank you for helping us get started with a database. We will work together to get you a general ongoing campaign for your chapter ASAP. 

    • Let’s get started. If you haven’t yet, please register your chapter representative as a user and fill in some information about your chapter and location in your user profile. All members will benefit from registering ASAP.
    • Register for a STRIPEaccount. We are not utilizing this at this time. However, we have confidence it may come in handy later. Be sure to register there using the same email you registered as a user with on OfficerDown.US. Here is a SAMPLE FORM.
    • Download and save this TEMPLATE. It is sized to specifications for the website to act as your “Featured Image” once you put your local chapter logo / information on it. We will also be using this for all fundraising campaigns related to NLPOA, customized for the fund.
    • Here are two links to the OfficerDown.US logos: (1 & 2) This is the url to use with the link(s) on your NLPOA website: https://OfficerDown.US
    • This is the verbiage to accompany the logo and link:
  • FOR YOU:

    OfficerDown.US is a national nonprofit fundraising organization with a crowdfunding website for use by law enforcement personnel, their families, and the departments that support them.

  • You’re all set to CREATE A CAMPAIGN. This link is located at the top of the website. Keep titles as short as possible. Remember to use your ‘featured image’. Check ‘this campaign has no rewards’ box.
  • Read Terms & Conditions and ‘save as draft’ or ‘submit for review’. Be patient.


Please reach out if you have any issues or questions. 


Jessica Langgin

Executive Director