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NLPOA Officer Down Fund
Family Needs

In the unfortunate event of an injury or death in the line of duty, this NLPOA fund will assist the Officer and/or their family.

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Officer Down US Challenge Coin

To honor those who have fallen; To respect those facing daily challenges; To remember that after all, we're all in this together.

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K-9 Memorial Fund

K-9 Memorial Fund offers grants that assist Law Enforcement Agencies who are not only grieving from the loss of one of their K-9 officers but also who do not have the funds to replace the K-9s. Each year dozens of K-9s who are our first line of defense, fall in the line of duty.

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K-9 Officer Stewart and Slider Relief

Ofc Stewart, of the Union Point PD (GA), purchased Slider out of his own pocket to serve his community as a K-9 Unit. With very little funding from his department, he needs help to pay for the dogs needs.

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  • $210 Funded

Lapel Pins

Someone said You should sell lapel pins. WE DO!!

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Back the Blue 5K for Back the Badge Michigan
Department Needs

Back the Blue 5K and Back the Badge Michigan have partnered to host the second annual Back the Blue 5K in Lansing, MI. Proceeds from the race will go to help buy things such as trauma kits for the K-9 units and so much more.

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